Our Team

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Fridah Mawira is Dira’s Chief Executive Officer and a Director. She is a qualified lawyer with a passion in immigration law. Fridah is a co-founder of Dira and has been running the day-to-day operations of the company. She has a niche in immigration law. Fridah is responsible for assisting a host of multinationals to meet their immigration compliance obligations as well advising them on how to minimize exposure from non-compliance.

Fridah attends to her corporate and individual clients with the same keen eye for detail and takes the time to fully understand the unique needs of the clients that she serves. In a world where many are ‘too busy’, Fridah has a way of making each of them a priority. She knows all her clients by heart and you can always count on her to give a well thought out and timely response. She is a great listener, and you can rest assured that every interaction with her is guaranteed to leave you feeling heard and with a better understanding of whatever topic is on the table.

Our clients love Fridah for her responsiveness. She goes to bed and wakes up thinking of solutions for clients. And never forgets anything. With Fridah as your immigration consultant, you can sleepy easy. She “gats” you covered!

Fridah Mawira

Stalin Mwenda Njeru

Immigration Services Manager

Stalin is our Immigration Services Manager. A seasoned immigration consultant, Stalin is a graduate of Maside Muliro University of Science and Technology with a Degree in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in International Relations and Diplomacy at the same university.  

Client centric is the term that immediately comes to mind when describing Stalin. He embraces every application and makes the client’s problem his own with the view of enabling them to efficiently achieve their strategic objective. Stalin does not assess success simply based on the size of the client portfolio but on how well we enable the clients to, achieve their strategic objectives, keep ahead of the market trends and together expand and unlock opportunities in the market for mutual growth while making a meaningful contribution to the society.

Our clients trust Stalin to listen to their needs and desired results and to offer them competent and realistic immigration advice. Our firm has grown immensely through referrals by happy clients who speak highly of Dira and Stalin being one of our oldest team players, he is a father to these great testimonies being spread by our clients.

Immigration Services Manager

Samuel, a Bachelor of Physics graduate from Masinde Muliro University, is an Immigration Services Manager at Dira’s Nairobi office. Indeed, Samuel is a Dira veteran having worked with the firm since its inception in 2015.

Samuel oversees and manages large projects related inbounds into East Africa. His clients come from various sectors such as construction, e-commerce, oil and gas and banking. Samuel is known for his unique ability to communicate complex immigration issues with refreshing clarity, which helps clients make better-informed strategic decisions. In addition to handling immigration relates issues, Samuel will help you acquire your KRA PIN, NHIF registration, NSSF registration, Police Clearance Certificate, International Driver’s License et al.

As for Samuel’s personality, he is always cool, calm and collected (we call him Sam), which puts our clients at ease as they navigate the hectic deadlines and uncertainties that are often part of the employment-based immigration process.  He is also gifted with the ability to bring positivity to any situation with the brightness of his smile.

And, while he takes his job seriously, Sam doesn’t take himself too seriously – just ask our staff about his uncanny knack for coming up with clever jokes and puns (and then watch them roll their eyes). 

Samuel Kirimi

Duncan Mugera

Immigration Operations Manager

Dan is our Finance and Immigration Operations Manager with more than 4 years of finance and operations experience. He is responsible for service delivery oversight and relationship management, ensuring a seamless client experience for immigration matters.

Dan provides dedicated compliance support including immigration audits, health checks and general compliance advice. He consults with clients on the full range of East Africa immigration matters, including applications, processes and visa requirements. He frequently advises on strategic issues relating to service delivery enhancements, for clients in the finance, oil and gas, technology and services sectors.

Over the course of his career, Dan has earned a reputation for developing creative immigration strategies and positive client experiences for global employers and their international employees, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in numerous industry sectors including Automotive, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Research, Life Sciences, Technology and Financial Services/Fintech.

Immigration Consultant

Vivian, a young and dynamic lady is an Immigration and Legal Consultant. She has a background in Psychology but has quickly found that immigration law practice is such a satisfying discipline. 

Vivian is known for her unique ability to communicate complex immigration issues with refreshing clarity, which helps clients make better-informed strategic decisions. She works closely with our affiliate law firm D.M Nyagah Advocates to provide our clients with any legal related services such as document notarization and legalization, company registration and compliance services, employment, and labour law compliance services from drafting of employment contracts to registrations with various statutory bodies such as NHIF, NSSF, NITA and others. If in need of a one stand shop for all your expatriate services, Vivian is your safe pair of hands.

She is also the face behind our Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR) and coordinates our social support programs to the needy and disadvantaged in the society under the Dira Foundation banner. As they say, Vivian is “big hearted.”

As for Vivian’s personality, she is always cool, calm and collected, which puts our clients at ease as they navigate the hectic deadlines and uncertainties that are often part of the employment-based immigration process.  She is also gifted with the ability to bring positivity to any situation with the brightness of her smile, which is matched by the brightness of her sharp dress code!

Vivian David

Mercy Kang’ethe

Immigration Consultant

A young, bright and resourceful member of our team whose interest is to see Dira clients smile as she wades through immigration murky processes. Mercy, a First Class Honors Bachelor of Arts in Community Development degree holder from Chuka University offers strong immigration support and is keen on offering exemplary services to our clients. Her empathetic and insightful disposition imbues into her work bringing on board a hands-on approach to immigration and other expatriate related issues while rendering personalized solutions.


Besides immigrationl practice, Mercy is a firm believer that life is better when you’re laughing and spends her time in good cheer amongst her family and friends. She is a talented worship leader and very warm person.

When a client requires to be accompanied to immigration office for the taking of their biometrics, Mercy is that warm pair of hands that will see to it that our client’s faces are radiant through the process.

Immigration Consultant

Carol is an energetic inveterate people person. No one, neither the cleaner in immigration offices nor the senior immigration officers are spared her conversation. Her interest in people has not only built her a formidable network of contacts at the Directorate of Immigration Services, the center of Dira activities, but has also underpinned her growth in immigration industry in Kenya.


Since joining Dira in 2018, this super-connector lady has helped take our immigration practice ever onwards and upwards. Smart like a fox, she has the heartiest laughter in the entire of Dira office and is the complete immigration consultant who can tell you just from the mood of an immigration officer whether you are likely to get that extension stamp or not.

Carol possesses both the sense of a comedian (because she is) and the sensibility of a professional depending on the mood of the client she is attending to.  Nobody meets Carol and doesn’t immediately like her, as they should.  We love what she brings to the mix and please, with this girl, your immigration office appointments will be seamless and painless. Give it a shot!

Caroline Mwirigi

Purity Makandi

Finance And Administration Lead

Purity manages our Billing and Accounting functions, as well as Office Administration.  After we have done your work and you have trusted us with your funds, Purity will ensure that you are well updated and walk with you through the process while ensuring transparency. A graduate of Moi university, Purity is keen to details just like is demanded of her profession.

We know Purity as an incredibly hard working, smart, reliable and valuable support to us and our clients. Whenever we need something done fast, right and excellently, or if we just want intelligent humour, Purity will give it to us in manageable pieces.

Senior Administrative Assistant

Monica is the glue that holds Dira Team together.  As our Front Office Lead, she is the face of the firm and keeps the firm running smoothly (and makes it look easy) while keeping our team in line (which we don’t always make easy for her).  She wears a lot of hats, and she wears them well. Monica brings sunshine to every room which she walks into and to every guest and that’s why she is precious to the Dira family and to our clients.

If you will not be blindsided by her awesome personality, you will certainly not resist her smile

Monica Kalunde