Work permit in Kenya


(To get a basic understanding of work permits, please read the previous article, Understanding Work Permits on this link).

Work permits can be a hustle and even an obstacle to foreigners who wish to engage in work related activities in Kenya. Knowing what is required is a step in the right direction.

Requirements for Acquiring a Work Permit

Each Work Permit has its own requirements. However, the common thread through all of them is that the services they wish to render must be beneficial to Kenya. These are the other common requirements:

  • Duly filled application form.
  • Cover letter from employer/self/sponsoring organization
  • Copies of the applicant’s passport
  • Two colored size passports.
  • Copy of any previous permit or pass held.
  • Processing fee.

In addition to these, those who intend to engage in business are required to produce a copy of their KRA PIN certificate as well as the relevant licenses for their business. They are also required to show that they have made a capital investment of at least 100, 000 US Dollars.

Those engaged in employment or professional practices are required to provide their academic certificates and, for professionals, proof of membership of the specific professions.

The law requires that any documents produced that are in foreign languages should be translated into English by the Embassy, a Public Notary, or a recognized institution.

Procedure for acquiring a work permit

These are the general steps for applying for the work permit.

  1. Filling the application form. The applicant has to fill form 25 and attach all the relevant documents depending on the class of permit he/she is applying for.
  1. Submission of the form. The applicant will then submit the application form to the Department of Immigration Services for processing. The application will be taken to the Permit Determination Committee for approval.

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